2019 Membership Applications

Active Members shall be only retail liquefied petroleum gas dealers who sell, install, or otherwise handle liquefied petroleum gases within the State of Florida.

Active Intrastate Dealer Membership Application.


Supplier Membership
Associate Members shall be firms or corporations who supply and sell liquefied petroleum gas and/or gas equipment, and other firms, corporations and individuals who are interested in the purposes and welfare of FPGA.  Propane dealers who sell and distribute propane gas to consumers do not qualify as Associate Members.

Associate Membership Application.


Dispenser Operator
Firms or corporations who sell propane gas (not over 100,000 gallons annually) to consumers through dispensing units and do not operate delivery trucks or bobtails for delivery of propane to consumers.  Dispenser Operator members do not have voting privileges on matters before the Board of Directors or General Membership meetings.

Dispenser Operator Membership Application.


Contractor/Installer/Service Company
A Contractor/Installer/Service Company shall be firms or corporations who contract, install or service LP Gas or propane equipment such as appliances, piping, venting, etc.   Such firms or corporations shall have an interest in the propane industry and the welfare of FPGA.

Contractor/Installer/Service Membership Application.


Florida Young Gassers
Dealer, Supplier, Dispenser and Contractor/Installer members are invited to join the Florida Young Gassers.  They are an organization within our industry that promotes good will, closer relationships and cooperation among our members.  They have annual activities that serve and promote our association. 

Florida Young Gasser Membership Application.